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View and Download GE Monitor UV-900 user manual online. Other wavelengths can be measured by changing the filter. GE AKTA Purifier 100 FPLC System w/ UV-900 Detector The GE AKTA Purifier 100 FPLC System is versatile, modular liquid chromatography systems for fast and reliable separations of proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids by FPLC. Tested to the best of our ability / knowledge. The menu should include a number of options including AuxOut 1 to 4. GE AKTA UV-900 Xe Lamp Module (Refurb Exchange) Diese akta uv-900 manual Website erfordert die Nutzung von Cookies für sämtliche Eigenschaften. 2 Purge the entire system with water (repeating steps 3-9 above). ÄKTAFPLC is described in detail in section 5.

GE AKTA UV-900 Xe Lamp Module (Refurb Exchange) Product Categories: Lamps and Spares, Detector Lamps: Short Description: OBSOLETED 27/02/20. 2 Connect the UniNet-1 data communication cable between the UniNet-1 port on CU-950 and Pump P-900 in the ÄKTA system. GE AKTA UPC-900 Mercury Lamp.

Page 49: Setup Ph Temperature Compensation Change the setting if desired and press Setup Show pH (on) on off B. 2 ÄKTApureoverview Introduction ÄKTApureisintendedforpurificationofbio-molecules,inparticularproteins,forresearchpurposes. Note: This lamp assembly is a new, replacement lamp for GE Part. 1 Introduction 1. 1 of Reference information in this manual and brief descriptions of the. The termination plug is connected to the last instrument in the chain. Monitor pH/C-900 User ManualEdition AF 3 Important user information All users must read this entire manual to fully understand.

Sections 1 – 5 contain the necessary information for operating the instrument. Is there any Fluorophore I can detect it by Akta-purifer&39;s UV-900? AKTA 10 and AKTA 100 systems.

1 General Monitor UPC-900 is a high precision on-line monitor for the combined measurement of UV absorption, pH and conductivity in liquid chromatography. Switch valve (SV-903) 6. This lamp assembly is the entire metal lamp housing with a new xenon lamp installed and aligned. The Unicorn software controlling the customer’s AKTA system is required to control the signal.

ÄKTApurifier UPC core systems include Monitor UPC-900, which combines monitoring of UV absorption, akta uv-900 manual pH, and conductivity. book Page 8 Friday, J 10:31 AM. Link connects, in series, the PC with Pump P-900, Monitor pH/C-900, Monitor UV-900 and the Frac-900. SONNTEK is proud to offer a large variety of Deuterium (D2), Tungsten (W), Xenon (Xe) and Mercury (Hg) lamps from a single ordering source. Powers on, digital screen. (1) GE Amersham AKTA Explorer 100 FPLC system with air option, including: AKTA Explorer 100 (P900 pump, UV-900 Monitor, and pHC-900 Monitor) CU-950 communication box; INV-907 Injection Valve; PV-908 Column Selection Valves x2; INV-907 Reverse Flow Valves; PV-908 Outlet Valve; PV908 Sample Valve; P960 Sample Pump; P960 sample line air sensor; M. The UPC-900 features: • Fixed wavelengths of 254, 280 nm (Hg lamp), or 214 nm (Zn lamp).

Select injection valve and load. Pump P-900 (P-901 alt. Condition: This GE AKTA FPLC Detector UV-900 Monitor is in good working condition. · Product Manuals Safety Data Sheets. Monitor UV-900 Laboratory Equipment pdf manual download.

This is a quick way to activate the UV-900, there are other ways to activate the UV-900, but this one way to run it without activating the pump. Xenon Lamp Assembly, GE / Pharmacia Amersham, AKTA UV-900 Detector. Innovative technology, finest quality, fast delivery, and action-oriented customer service allows us to meet your critical analytical lamp requirements. Click on ‘manual’ – ‘pump’ in the menu of the ‘system control’ application. If the wire has been correctly connected, then AuxOut1 should act as the start signal. Weitere Informationen über die im Cookie enthaltenen Daten finden Sie unter "Datenschutz".

Or even any signal for other substances can be detected by wave lengths other than 280, 260, 215? the UV-900 and rotating into position, as shown in the illustration below. Short Instructions UV-900 Monitor UPC-900 User Manual Valve INV-907 Instructions Mixer M-925 Instructions Using UNICORN with Windows XP Service Pack 2 Getting Started with UNICORN UNICORN User Reference Manual chapter 1-11 UNICORN User Reference Manual chapter 12-15 UNICORN Administration and Technical Manual System certificate Module. GE akta start Manuals & User Guides. AKTAmicro, including BOX900, PH/C-900.

Location of CU-950 on ÄKTApurifier system. Monitor UV-900 User ManualEdition AF13 Connect two UniNet cables to the UniNet-1 connectors. ÄKTApurifier system is shown as an example.

Find ready-to-use experiments that help you integrate data collection technology into your curriculum. AKTA FPLC 1592 AKTA Explorer 10 FPLC (GE, Amersham) Complete set of motor valves. 125 Pleasant Avenue Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458 Telephone Number:Fax:E-Mail: GMI provides new and remanufactured-to-specification (GMI Certified) scientific instrumentation and instrument service to research universities, environmental labs, forensic investigators, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics, analytical laboratories, in the United States and in more than 50 countries. Conductivity cell. Here is a GE AKTA FPLC Detector UV-900 Monitor UV900 10mm flow cell Predecessor to: Current model. Specifications: Voltage: 100-240V; akta uv-900 manual Frequency: 50-60Hz; Max Power: 600 VA; Fuse: T 6,3AL 250V; Lamp intensity: 210nm 69% 300nm 70%.

The instrument can be connected in series anywhere in the chain between the PC and the termination plug. Monitor UPC-900 User ManualEdition AE. Shutdown Procedure for the AKTA Purifier If you are not planning to continue your experiments the following day, proceed as follows: 1 Fill all the bottles with water. Contents Monitor UPC-900 User ManualEdition AG VII. Database contains 4 GE akta start Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Maintenance manual, Manual. Micro Purification and purity analysis of biomolecules at submicrogram levels.

· Monitor UV-900. Gives warning that Temp cell is not connected or bad. LED displays are bright and clear.

The application of fiber technology to the design of the flow cell means that focused light is continually reflected back uv-900 into the flow path. Flow rate up to 10 ml/min, pressureup to 25MPa Wavelength 190 to 700 nm P-900 pump, UV-900 detector, pH/C-900 pH/conductivity detector, FRAC-900 fraction collector Conductivity up to 1000 mS/cm Optional AIR, sample pump, autosampler, and FRAC-950. I have tried AMCA-X, FITC, FAM. The GE Amersham AKTA Explorer 100 FPLC system passed all tests and was found to be fully functional: The following onboard tests were performed to the main components (P-900 pump / UV-900 detector / pH/C-900). Laboratory Equipment GE AKTA avant User Manual.

See more results. Monitor UV-900 is not only an integral component of ÄKTAdesign chromatography systems, but is also an excellent standalone multi-wavelength detector. All knobs function as they should. Operationissubjecttothefollowing twoconditions:(1. While the UV-900 is on place your ear (it doesn&39;t matter which one, as long as it is a functioning ear) next to the side of the UV-900 without the flowcell on it. UV Lamp run time is 2306 hours. ÄKTAexplorer, ÄKTApurifier and ÄKTAmicro Operating Instructions 28. com ÄKTA™ pure is a flexible and intuitive chromatography system (Fig 1) for fast purification of proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids from microgram levels to tens of grams of target product.

About this manual This manual comprises two parts; a practical part (sections 1 – 5) and a reference part (sections A – D). 9 Connecting to supply voltage. GE AKTA Micro FPLC SYSTEM P-905 UV-900 PH/C-900 BOX-900 M-925 INVZ All units power on.

3 RegulationsforUSAandCanada FCCcompliance Thisdevicecomplieswithpart15oftheFCCRules. Kinesis UV & Visible HPLC Detector Lamps: GE AKTA UPC-900 Mercury Lamp. Amersham AKTA Explorer pH/C-900, UV-900, P-900 FPLC System, GE CU-950 & Frac-900. GE FPLC AKTA Purifier P-900 PH/C-900 UV-900 CU-950 PV-908 INV-907 IVR In good cosmetic condition. Amersham AKTA FPLC Protein Purification Purifier P-900 UV-900 pH/C-900 Box-900. The UniNet-1 link connects, in series, the PC with Pump P-905, Monitor pH/C-900 and Monitor UV-900.

11 Setup UV averaging filter constant Select sub menu and press Setup UV Setup Temp Cond pH UV Monitor UPC-900 User ManualEdition AE. 3 Wash the entire solvent path with water until the conductivity reaches 0 and the pH ~6. The monitor features fixed wavelength of 254, 280 nm (Hg lamp) or 214 nm (Zn lamp). User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your GE akta start Laboratory Equipment.

Akta uv-900 manual

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